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About our sweaters...

The first Aran sweater patterns were recorded in the Ninth Century in Scotland. The original patterns reflected the interweaving designs from the Pictish stones. Eventually the traditional patterns developed into two strains. On the west coast of Scotland and Ireland the patterns became vertical and identified with specific families. On the east coast of Scotland and England the patterns became horizontal and identified fishing villages. The local wool used in these sweaters was unscoured so it contained the natural lanolin. When knit into garments it proved to be durable and warm when wet.

Limited production...

I have utilized these west coast (Aran) and east coast (Guernsey or Gansey) traditions to create unique sweaters for men and women. I handknit all of my sweaters, no design is ever repeated, each garment takes well over 100 hours to create, and only 15 to 20 are produced in a year. From design to finishing each of these garments is individually made with an attention to detail that you will not find in mass produced or even in most hand knit work. These are not produced on a knitting machine like other "hand knit" sweaters may be.

High Quality Yarn...

The beautiful wool yarn used is spun by Bartlett Yarn Co. Since 1821,

Bartlettyarns has been spinning fine, pure wool in their historic mill in the village of Harmony, Maine. The yarn is spun on a spinning mule that is one of the last of its kind still operating in this country. Carefully spun with select domestic fleece, Fisherman Yarns retain some of their natural lanolin for softness and weather resistance. Given reasonable care sweaters made with this yarn should last years.

Each sweater is designed only for you...

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here. Sweaters shown are available for purchase but will not be duplicated in other sizes. For information about custom orders please send an email to sweaters@sv-moonshadow.com

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